Ilıca Hotel Spa & Wellness Resort


Sustainability Tourism

Sustainability Policy

  • We evaluate all the feedback of our guests. We are improving our processes in line with the data we have obtained.
  • We respect the working rights of our employees and follow them within the framework of the provisions of legal legislation.
  • We support the abolition of child labor.
  • We continuously improve all our processes by adhering to our core values and by understanding compliance with the legal and other conditions that we are obliged to comply with.
  • We act in accordance with the legislation related to information security and improve our processes.
  • We are investing in technological systems with innovation studies that guide the sector.
  • We offer our employees the opportunity to develop and progress by providing regular trainings.
  • We offer a healthy and safe working environment to our employees and offer various opportunities for them to submit their requests, suggestions and complaints. We contribute to the development of our management systems by evaluating the feedback received from our employees.
  • We want to turn occupational health and safety into a corporate culture by working with the principle of zero accidents.
  • While operating our policy, we attach importance to the participation of our related parties and provide transparent information when necessary.
  • We inform our guests and employees about the natural and cultural heritage of the local/region,
  • When planning our investments; we take into account the risks of our buildings and infrastructure systems to protected sensitive areas, historical heritage, the integrity of the natural and cultural environment. We prefer sustainable practices and materials suitable for local /region in our works related to land use, construction, maintenance and repair operations, design, landscaping.
  • While designing our buildings and our concept, we think about the needs of our guests and employees with special needs and adopt a service approach that is accessible to everyone.
  • We contribute to the preservation and development of local/regional properties, areas and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual importance.
  • We evaluate and analyze the quality and quality of product / service purchases with users. We act fairly, honestly and impartially in the selection of suppliers.
  • We develop our activities in line with our own internal and external considerations, the needs and expectations of our related parties, analyzing potential risks in advance and aiming for continuous improvement. We are considering the Risk Management Process in all our business processes and we aim to get new opportunities.
  • In line with sustainable development, we aim to create pioneering, long-term value in the tourism sector.